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A revolutionary platform dedicated to elevating the visibility of educational content creators like you.

In today’s digital age, creating compelling educational videos is just the first step. The real challenge lies in garnering the views and engagement necessary to make your content stand out, especially when your videos include valuable educational products and affiliate links. At LearnHow.com, we understand the universal quest for more traffic and the limitations of traditional methods in achieving this goal.

Generate More Traffic

Our platform is designed with the simple yet powerful philosophy that more visibility leads to more opportunities. Unlike other platforms that require hosting fees and complex promotional strategies, LearnHow.com offers a straightforward, cost-free solution to increase your video’s reach. By focusing on promotion rather than hosting, we enable your educational videos to shine amidst the vast sea of content online.

Keyword Rich Categories

At LearnHow.com, our platform is structured into four main categories, with eight sub-categories and two to three sub-sub-categories, ensuring that your content finds its niche audience. If your area of expertise isn’t currently represented, worry not. Simply register your interest, and we’ll notify you by email or text once your category is available.

5 Ways to Promote Your Videos

Our platform is designed with the simple yet powerful philosophy that more visibility leads to more opportunities. 

We offer every subscriber five promotional ads they can use to maximize the visibility of their videos or ads, all for free. We are not sure how long we can do this, but for now, it’s 100% free so take advantage of it. 

Our sub-categories are meticulously selected based on search trends, ensuring your content is aligned with what people are actively seeking. Unlike other ad platforms the display the newest ads first, our unique AD ROTATION system ensures fair exposure for all subscribers, leveling the playing field and enhancing your chances of being seen. 


How We Promote 

LearnHow.com is more than just a platform; it’s a community where every member contributes to the collective success. By linking back to LearnHow.com, you not only increase your own visibility but also contribute to a thriving ecosystem where knowledge and learning are freely shared and valued.

Let us help you help us, creating a win-win situation for all. Together, let’s transform the way educational content is discovered and appreciated online.


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