Google Uses Mobile Indexing for 50% of the Pages in Search Results


Google has reported about the success of the project of transition to mobile-first indexing. This principle means that the company uses mobile content for indexing, since people usually go online with their smartphones.

As of December 2018, mobile-first indexing has been used for more than 50% of pages processed by Googlebot that are shown in search results. It is the achievement of a two-year work on the project. First transition tests were launched by Google in December 2017, while the changes were officially released in 2018.

Initially, the changes overtook the websites, the mobile versions of which had been successfully tested for quality and did not significantly differ from the desktop ones. According to Google, they change the indexing principle only provided that the mobile content of a website is appropriate, and then the webmaster receives a notification in the Search Console toolbar. It can also be checked with URL inspection tool.

Google states, in the course of transition to the new indexing the websites that do not use adaptive web design usually suffer from two main problems: the absence of structured data and alt descriptions of images.

In spite of successful scaling, in September 2018 Google experts reported that full transition to mobile indexing may take several years.

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