7 Ways to Bring Customers to Your Website


If you want to develop your business on the Internet, you have two tasks to perform. Firstly, create a website. Secondly, make it visited. The point is not just to boost traffic, but to bring target customers. After all, it’s not so difficult to drive together visitors – the most important issue is the quality of such traffic, as well as the conversion rate.

In terms of Internet marketing, conversion is the ratio of the number of website visitors who have made a specific action (make an order, subscribe to mailing, sign up, follow a specific link, etc.) to the total number of visitors. Increasing this figure is one of the key challenges that will help you succeed with your business. Together with Limtek web studio team we discuss what it takes to attract customers and how to do it.

1. Create a High-Quality Website

First of all, you need to understand what exactly depends on your website and whether its visitors will be converted into customers. You should give this question particular attention before proceeding to the methods of attracting customers. Imagine that you are interested in a big discount on car service with a good guarantee, and when you come at the address you see some no-name garage with a drunken mechanic. Obviously, you will turn around and leave. Same thing with websites.

Limtek adheres to the following ideas that determine the main characteristics of the website and turn it into an effective tool to increase sales.

Website for the target audience. Defining your target audience is a key step. Your site should be aimed specifically at them, and everything else depends precisely on the correct determining of the target audience.

Site format. Business card website, landing page, web service, enterprise portal or online store. If you offer less than 10 products or services, the best option for you may be a colorful landing page. And vice versa: if you are going to expand and scale up your business and you have a lot of items, a highly-functional online store which is easy to maintain and fill with content will do best.

Website functionality. Site functionality should improve user experience and promote conversion. Catalogs, shopping cart, site search, product recommendations, chat with a manager, gallery, portfolio, one-click buying, file downloads, etc. It’s not necessarily right that your customers need all of these. Perhaps an order button and a pop-up form will be enough (especially on landing pages).

Design. Unique design is always a winning move, if it’s made wisely, attracts attention and corresponds to the company’s corporate identity. Remember that your website is not an art project, it’s a tool. Simple, familiar and user-friendly visual style will be much better and more efficient. The design need to help your customer, manage his attention in the right places and at the right time.

Content and adaptability. The site should work equally well on all devices. Mobile users account for more than 50% of all traffic, and you definitely don’t want to lose them. As for the content (which includes text, articles, photos, videos, infographics), it should be modern, simple, understandable and meet up-to-date presentation and design trends.

2. Use SEO

High-quality SEO promotion includes the following actions:

  • website audit;
  • analysis and selection of keywords;
  • analysis of the website and giving recommendations on it;
  • articles purchase;
  • page code optimization;
  • website development and fixing errors;
  • listing on directories;
  • copywriting;
  • increasing reference weight;
  • traffic statistics analysis.

All of these actions increase your website ranking in search engines. The higher your site rating is, the higher the likelihood of it being shown to a user on a certain query. Limtek specialists are well acquainted with the whole SEO promotion complex and effectively apply it in practice. To assure you in the result the payment is made under the contract which includes the guarantees, obligations and deadlines for achieving the defined points. Read the customer reviews – they confirm the high-quality and effective work of the studio.

3. Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is another effective way to attract target customers. Of course, you can try to create such advertisement in Google Ads or Yandex.Direct yourself, but believe me: unless you’re an expert, you’re more likely to waste your money and time, since it’s a very delicate activity with a lot of nuances.

All in all, the list of actions usually includes the following:

  • defining the aims of the advertising campaign;
  • defining the pages that will be advertised;
  • specifying location-based and time targeting;
  • creating a campaign plan;
  • planning out the budget;
  • selecting efficient key phrases;
  • creating ads that attract potential customers;
  • launching an advertising campaign.

Limtek team can help you with this task. All work will be carried out as transparently as possible, with daily cost per click monitoring and monthly reports with results analysis.

4. Email Marketing

Mailing is a convenient and fairly easy way to attract both new and existing customers. Use such tools as GetResponse, UniSender, Mailchimp — these services easily connect to various CRMs and allow you to create cool email campaigns in a few minutes, use A/B testing and many other features.

5. Advertising in Social Networks and Blogs

Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, FB, VK are perfect ways to make yourself known. You can use various techniques: from buying classic integrated advertising to native integration in thematic groups. Another option is to engage bloggers. They are loved, watched and trusted. There seems to be no need to explain how this advertising works.

6. Commodity Aggregators

Google Shopping, Yandex.Market, TIU, Pulscen, Avito, E-catalog, Etsy, Amazon – these aggregators really help to sell products. It is also a good way to find out what users think about the product. In addition, many of them can integrate with online stores which means that there is no more need to add new items manually.

7. SMM and Blogs on FB, VK, Twitter and Telegram

Modern users love openness, honesty and communication. Nowadays it has become normal that stores and retailers tell news, show their new products in social media, take interest in the users’ opinions, and actively respond to all complaints and comments of gratitude. You can simply tell about the production of your service or product, its features and use – such interesting content is definitely in demand.


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