7 Universal Life Tips


There are thousands of books on motivation, but many of them rather mislead people than really help them in life. They are printed in incredible amounts – all copies are sold like hot cakes, and people demand more. They want to go through the pages again and again and eventually find the universal recipe to fix their unhappy life. The problem is that 90% of all these books’ content is convincing the readers in their own strength. The specific advice makes up the remaining 10%. We derived these 10% of useful material into 7 universal life tips you can read right now. It’s time to fight your laziness and stubbornness to get better.

1 If you control your mind – you control your life

This is the basis of any motivation book that has ever been written on this god-forsaken planet. The idea is based on the premise that most people fail because they lack discipline. Modern life allows an adult man to remain a capricious child who cannot control his urges, desires and bad habits. The absence of such control is the main opponent that prevents you from realization of your talents. And this is what you need to start fighting against.

2 Focus on important thoughts.

If you always think that you won’t achieve anything, then, respectively, you won’t achieve anything. Let yourself evolve. Concentrate on the thoughts that make you act. Just wanting something (like foie gras for dinner) isn’t enough, you must act. It’s not enough just to think about something. You can let your thoughts run in circles in your head until you get old, but the faster you let them out, the faster your thoughts will start to materialize. It’s better to let the things be not that well-thought-out, but actually realized, even with mistakes, than to think over everything well and not to start anything.

3 Practice every day                                                                                  

We need to develop our brain every day. Just convincing yourself that you will succeed because you are talented and good is not enough; you also need to saturate your mind with new knowledge that will help you in dealing with your stupidity. Write down your achievements, record your skill progress and try to combine brain work with action.

4 Foster good habits

When there is a system, you can control your habits. For example, you need to lose 10 kilograms. In order to do it you need to limit your nutrition to 1200 calories per day – this is a system already. You decided what you want and created a plan to fulfill this desire. This is how you should do every time you define a goal for yourself. The key point here is to develop a daily habit that will allow you to go through all the steps smoothly and achieve the desired.

5 Result takes time

You will stumble over obstacles created by your friends, your enemies, strangers, the fate itself and even an accident. Don’t expect to get your own way immediately, as soon as you think about it. You have to come through trials of labor and pain to prove that you deserve victory. So be patient and work hard every day, and then you will see how great the results you have achieved by the end of the year are. Don’t give up.

6 No one to blame

You are the only person responsible for your life. You can’t fully control it, just like a king can’t fully control his land; still and all, it’s only you who is responsible for your destiny, who makes all the decisions and all the mistakes. Therefore, don’t blame the government, crises, diseases and lack of support from your friends or family – if all of these create obstacles in your way, there’s no one to blame but you. Don’t look for excuses and do your job.

7 Don’t be a jerk

There’re enough jerks in the world, so don’t become another one. Negative way of thinking, destructive behavior, assaulting people for no reason – all this turns you into a mad dog avoided by all normal people. If you had a bad day, try to hold your emotions in leash. Most of your failures are directly based on your negative perception of the world, as well as your abominable behavior. If you are satisfied with your life, people are willing to communicate with you.


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