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Marketing is a complex of processes aimed at creation and promotion of products. In other words, marketing deals with planning, promoting and implementing ideas, products or services that meet the needs of consumer groups. In Russia business is still in the making, while marketing is considered to be a “maybe some time later” issue, something additional, unlike in more developed European countries. That is why businessmen of such mindset are stuck somewhere in the mid-90s. But even those who understand that without proper marketing their company will inevitably go to the bottom make a lot of blunders. When it comes to product promotion, they believe that they “know better” than those strange specialists with their obscure “years of experience”.

Now, we will discuss five common marketing mistakes.

1 Unawareness of Your Target Audience

There’s no need to explain what happens when people with no clue about their target audience try to aim their product at literally everyone. One of the main tasks of marketing is to create a brand that will satisfy the needs of a specific consumer group. Imagine you produce skateboards. Obviously, your product is for the 14-25-year-old youth who lead an active lifestyle. Yet even in this case a marketing research is required.

And when you sell goods or services aimed at a wide audience, for example, clothing, you can’t do without proper marketing. If you waste your resources on creation and promotion of a product for general public, you simply miss the benefit. Understanding what you are selling, to whom and how – this is the first step towards the success of your brand.

2 Lack of Planning

No strategy – no company. “I know better what my company really needs” – a typical statement of any Russian company owner. No planning for long-term, medium-term, and sometimes even short-term outlook. As a matter of fact, planning comes to nothing more than a direction to “make money”.

To understand this take a look at Coca-Cola advertisement. From year to year the company follows the chosen strategy aimed at creating an image in buyer’s memory. Coca-Cola is “a delicious and bright drink for a good pastime with your friends.” The strategy practically doesn’t change; therefore, every brand element is easily recognized by any consumer: color scheme, slogan, and even the tune. And if a company shakes with fever and keeps going from side to side, the buyers won’t be able to see its product. Remember: a well-thought-out strategy gives your buyer confidence in the product and helps your employees to understand the company’s philosophy and the ways to promote it. Also, experienced marketers suggest carrying out long-term and medium-term planning directly by the business owner guided by the marketing adviser, while short-term planning should be transferred to employees. Why? If the company encounters a crisis, an employee is more likely to try and save his position, rather than try to save your company, thus he makes decisions advantageous to him even if they harm the company.

3 Lack of Unique Offer

Creating something that is already on the market only with a slight decrease or increase in price or quality is a stillborn marketing strategy. Buyers’ reaction to it will be either sluggish or absent at all. Put simply, there’s one particular product in the minds of the target audience that is associated with some kind of products or services. iPhone is a smartphone, Coca-Cola is a drink, McDonalds is a fast food restaurant, etc. You can create a product of exactly the same or even better quality, but the buyer will say: “Oh, it’s like an iPhone, isn’t it?” Thus a brand must meet the expectations of the buyer and at the same time offer something unique. Creating a unique selling proposition is one of the top priorities of an experienced marketer.

4 Worthless Marketer

One of the most important reasons for the company failure is the misunderstanding of who the marketer is and what he does. Even now some firms consider marketers to be useless hangers-on. Even those who decide to hire a marketer take the first comer. Businessmen don’t have clear understanding of how to evaluate the qualification of a specialist and the quality of his work.

This random marketer plays on a hunch – he is an expert though, that’s his vision. At the same time he ignores not only innovations, but also the classical methodology. This marketer simply copies the groundwork of other companies without any significant changes and adjustments. It’s like treating different diseases in one and the same way, just with slight changes to the recipe.

The actions of such marketer will harm not only the company itself, but also marketing in general. The majority of buyers remember the first information that remains in their minds. Therefore, from the very first step a good marketer paves a way to successful future, a bad one – to the garbage heap of history.

5 Incorrect Advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign developed in a slapdash manner will cause confusion and in some cases will even make a laughing-stock of the product in the eyes of customers and competitors. Sometimes an advertising campaign begins immediately, without any prior preparation (collecting and analyzing information concerning the target audience).

The business owner declares: “I want it done this way, that’s my vision,” and the marketer who does not want to lose his job due to the conflict with the administration carries out the task. As a result, an advertisement induces a viewer to change the channel, scroll past the advertisement or close it, rather than admire it and want to buy the product.

Remember: it is one of the most important mistakes. If you’re a business owner, you don’t need to make an advertisement that you like. A proper advertising campaign may contradict your taste, but the buyer will like it. You are doing it to sell company’s goods and services, but not to stroke your ego. Another mistake connected with wrong advertising strategy is to display ads in an absolutely random and unreasoned way.

Even if the advertising campaign is well-thought-out, but displayed in completely inappropriate places, at wrong time, in wrong formats and amounts, it is doomed to failure. When creating an advertising campaign, an experienced marketer follows the model of consumer behavior AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Finding a good marketer is difficult, especially in our country. But even if you manage to find one, it will cost you quite a lot. As for a startup, every coin counts for it. Therefore, you can employ marketing outsourcing services of R&D Company.

12 experts on the staff work fast towards a result, and this is one of the main advantages of the company. In addition, marketing outsourcing will cost you two times less than a full-time marketer. R&D fully tests hypotheses with detailed audit in 1-2 months: conducts researches, analyzes competitors, and designs a strategy. After that the company proceeds to tactics using precisely those marketing tools that fit specifically your tasks. This cannot be done by an on the staff marketer who has a limited number of skills.

This approach eliminates all the errors discussed in this article. By the way, in addition to marketing outsourcing, R&D offers comprehensive services in the field of digital marketing, as well as individual services such as niche analysis and the amoCRM integration.


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