10 serious physical challenges you need to go through at the age of thirty


Your body is not eternal. If you are 20, rejoice: even if you’re fat, skinny, weak, you still have every chance of improving your situation. Why shall you do this? Why can’t you just stay weak? Because you will always need to take responsibility for your loved ones. Now it’s not that significant, but as you get closer to thirty you will fully feel it – this responsibility encourages us to train our body, so that we can withstand any stroke of bad luck. Are you ready for such a stroke? You can easily check it with our get-tough personal challenge list – if you pass it all, you’re ready.

1. Sprint Up 200 Steps

Checks: cardiovascular system endurance, legs strength.
200 steps is 10 floors of a standard high-riser. The task is not easy, especially due to the fact that you need to run non-stop at your maximum speed. If this is impossible for you, congratulations – you need to go to the gym, do some training and get stronger. If you accomplished the task smoothly and with no pauses, side stitch or shock, you are ready for some more serious challenges.

2. Old School Push-Ups

Checks: arms strength, endurance.
Forget about doing some “correct” number of push-ups. Forget about a specific number – you just need to do more of them. If you did 20 push-ups in a minute, you’re a weakling. If you did 30, you need to train more. If you did 50, you’re okay. You did 70 – you’re a damn athlete! If you did over 70, you are obviously doing something wrong – ask a friend to watch your technique of this classic exercise.

3. Full Single-Leg Squats

Checks: balance, legs strength.
Most people don’t know how to do this exercise to the full extent – they do it halfway and then go back. But you are strong, aren’t you? Therefore, try to squat as deep as possible (if not 100%, then at least 70%). If you fall down or you can’t get back on your feet, you should really focus on your legs – you’re not as good as we thought.

4. 50 Meters in 10 Seconds from the Sitting Position

Checks: speed, reaction.
You think you’re a good runner? We doubt it, but we let you see it for yourself. In order to do this, you need a friend who will give you a command to start, and a chair on which you will be sitting. The point is that a friend must give the command as unexpectedly as possible, and when he does it, you need to rush forward. If you run 50 meters in 10 seconds, then you have an excellent speed and reaction. If you can do it in your office suit and shoes, then you are really cool – you can quickly react to anything.

5. Hang on the Office Chair Elbows for 12 Seconds

Checks: chest strength, heart endurance.
Just grab the elbows of your chair and raise your body with your legs pointing forward. If you tumble down or you just can’t lift your body, your muscles and your balance are in terrible condition. It’s not easy to hold in such position for 12 seconds, but if you did it right now, you earn our respect.

6. Run to Your Work via the Shortest Route

Checks: coordination, mobility.
How much time does it take for you to get to work? We suppose, quite a lot – taking into consideration all of those traffic jams, fences or gates. City makes you always walk around things. But not all people go where walking is “possible”. For instance, those who do parkour professionally can easily take the shortest route to their work. Just try to do it – draw a straight line to your workplace and get there using the surroundings (walls, trees, houses). But don’t go crazy with it, so that you won’t be arrested for vandalism.

7. Stand Up from the Cross-Legged Sitting without Hands

Checks: knees flexibility, core strength, legs strength.
Sit down like a yogi. Calm down your nerves, think positive and then abruptly stand upright. Did you manage to do it without the help of your hands? Excellent – this proves the flexibility of your knees and the power of your core. If you have serious problems with your knees, you shouldn’t do this exercise right now – recover first and then proceed to it.

8. Carry Your Drunk Friend Home

Checks: strength, balance, core strength, core endurance, nerves.
So go to the bar. Let your friend get drunk as a lord, although he will do it anyway. And you should try not to drink too much – stay stone cold sober. Now, if your mate managed to get totally legless, you need to get him home — shoulder him on your own. We are sure that this situation won’t need to be created artificially. Life itself will present you such a glorious surprise.

9. Buy Week’s Supply of Food and Bring It Home in One Go

Checks: grip strength, muscle endurance.
Try to find a mall far away from your home, make a list of the things to buy for the whole week and go shopping. After you’ve bought everything, endured all the long queues, got mad at all people at cash registers in the world, here comes the most important part – a journey home. Neither carts, nor cars – use only your own hands and lousy plastic bags, the handles of which just strive for getting torn away. All in all, our women pass this “test” almost every week.

10. Push a Car for 50 Meters with Your Bare Hands

Checks: strength.
If you release the handbrake, moving the car will be difficult, yet possible. Actually, this is what we want you to do. It would be even better to have a friend in the car. He will be able to brake, in case something suddenly goes wrong, and also he adds some weight. Find a flat surface and push the car either for five minutes or for 50 meters. Handled this one on your own? Now you no longer need a tow truck phone number.


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